Saturday, June 8, 2013

Orange-BBQ Chicken

Hubby and I cleaned the garage today and it took longer than expected. 
 Isn't that what always happens when you are doing something you love? LOL  
I did not want to ask him to cook anything on the grill since he actually helped and did not complain. 

 I read this recipe on Pinterest the other day and thought I would try it.  So easy and so good....

Orange - BBQ Chicken

It was just Hubby and I for dinner so I only made 2 pieces of chicken and this is my recipe, I made a few changes to the one I read.  

2 pieces of chicken, thawed
1/2 jar of Bobby Rays BBQ Sauce
1/2 jar of Orange Marmalade

I sprinkled my chicken with Garlic Pepper, my secret ingredient.
Cooked in the crock pot for 3 hours on high.

Mixed the BBQ Sauce and Orange Marmalade and poured on top after the 3 hours.  I cooked for another hour.

That is it,  Easy and Delicious...

OK, my Garlic Pepper is from Tastefully Simple; 
I use it on everything.  
I purchase it from my cousin, Beverly Pedigo.  
Here is a link to the order page if you would like to order. 

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