Mimi's Aprons

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Mimi's Magic Apron's

This is my very best friend, my sister, Susan Howard.
Thanksgiving Apron.

This is my niece, Laura Howard.  Isn't she so pretty?
Christmas Apron

Another Christmas apron I made for my sister
with Laura modeling
"Mimi's Magic Apron"

This is my oldest niece, Elizabeth Howard,
She is so pretty. 
Full of Magic powers.....

This is my beautiful niece, Sarah, in an apron I made 
for my sister when serving at Church.

This is my amazing sister, Susan.  She picked out this fabric.
How beautiful...

This is my mother-in-law.  
She is a very special lady.

 Here are 3 aprons I just finished.  And of course
I sprinkled Fairy Dust on them for the "MAGIC".

Here are 4 more aprons I finished today.  They really turned out pretty. 
They are very magical!!!

We all need a little magic during the holidays.

These are everyday aprons, no special occasion. 
They are very magical.  

Here are some spring aprons.  Can you guess I am ready for Spring.

My mother-in-law loves animal prints. I made this for her 
as one of her Christmas gifts.  I added a little fairy dust
but she doesn't need any, she is such a great cook.

I made this apron to wear when my grandchildren
are at my house.  I am promoting education.

My mother is a big Florida Gator fan.
I made this for her Birthday.  
She does not know, so lets keep a secret.

My sister and I love the beach. In fact we
are going to retire to the beach, when we get a 
little older.  I made this apron for her.

This is tea cups and flowers.
I love my cup of tea.
I think this may be one of my favorites.

This is my first paisley apron.
What do you think?

 This is my all time favorite.  
Rolling Pins, I also collect
Rolling Pins.

My first half apron.
Very Pretty.

Peter Rabbit half apron.
I love Peter Rabbit...

Another Peter Rabbit Apron.
Did you guess, I really love
Peter Rabbit.

My 1st Little Girl's apron.
Made for a friend's daughter.
Lets have a Princess Tea Party.
1st Chef Apron

Kentucky Apron made for my cousins.
Please do not tell my mother....