Monday, March 12, 2012

What a busy week.

This is going to be such a busy week so I am changing up my routine a bit just to make sure I get everything done.  I changed sheets and did laundry Saturday and Sunday.  Today I am going to clean the baths.  I love cleaning my shower with my new cleaning solution of 1 cup hot vinegar and 1 cup dawn.  Put in a spray bottle, I spray the shower, toilet, and sinks (kitchen sink too).  I will clean everything in the bathrooms and let this sit for about 1 - 2 hours then scrub.  So shiny and smells good too.  I then mop the floors.  My bathrooms are sparkly clean.  I will then vacuum the entire house.  Tomorrow I will dust and clean the kitchen. 

Tonight is Taco night.  Larry is a Taco freak.  I have never seen anyone love Taco's as much as he does... I may make some brownies for him.  He loves brownies too.

My mother's 78th birthday is Saturday and I am planning a special dinner for her and the family.   I will be wearing a magic apron and smiling from ear to ear.  

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  1. Gonna have to try that cleaner. I just got a wild hair this evening and cleaned our entire bathroom and I am just about out of my regular spray. I thought I should refill those bottles with something more natural and cheap : )