Sunday, February 26, 2012

Turning a house into your home!

I am about ready to start.  I have been working on this for almost 3 weeks.  I hope it is going to help you get yourself on top of ordinary chores.  Hopefully it will give you some tips on saving time and money.  I am all about saving money.  And time, well the more time I have the more aprons I can sew. And now that Spring is just around the corner I can play with my grandsons and we can work in our flowers.  The birds are chirping and calling for us to come out and play.  

Today I am making Lasagna, garlic bread and brownies for my hubby.  He is my number 1.  Yesterday we celebrated 34 years marriage.  I have been so totally blessed.  

I am making my first chef apron for men today and will post as soon as I have it complete.  Am so excited to make something for men, then I can remind them to smile while wearing a magic apron and cooking for their loved ones.

Hope you have a cheerful day.  Go out and smell the daffodil's they are so pretty here.

Remember to always smile when wearing one of my magic aprons and cooking for the people you love.

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