Monday, November 21, 2011

I am so Thankful!

Monday morning of Thanksgiving week.  I feel so blessed to have a great family and am able to cook for them.  I know we should feel this way through out the year but for some reason we always reflect on Thanksgiving.  My goal for the upcoming year is to have Thanksgiving everyday.  Today I will set the table for our dinner on Thursday.  I will cut out 4 new aprons and get ready to sew them.  My serger is in the shop at the moment but as soon as I pick it up I will be ready.  I am cooking Cornbread Casserole for dinner.  This is one of my husbands favorite.  Hope you have a great day and remember to always smile when you cook.  Your dishes taste better.  Love to all

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving darling, I am so excited to share your Key Lime PIe. All the best, Coryanne